About (Eng)

Where does this name come from? Who are you?
My name is Murielle Etc.. (which is short for "etcetera" because my last name does not really matter for me). I am a frenchwomen and fortunate to live in Brittany (the most beautiful region of France), at the seaside.I started photography when I was young. My dad took a lot of photos (family, travels,...) and I was interested. My parents gave me a small camera when I was 8 years old. I took pictures of my dog, sunsets, and the small moments of my life. And later, I "borrowed" the cameras' father... and never given back !

What kind of photography do you do?
I mainly take photos of landscapes, and particularly images of seaside: I have a very iodized universe ;) . In fact, I observe what is around me: nature is an artist and I try to capture its works. My style is quite peaceful and minimalist ... sometimes with a touch of poetry. I am also interested in details and textures ...

A lot of blue in your photos?
Yes, blue is an essential color for me. it has imposed itself quite naturally. It's a relaxing color, a hue that fascinates me. It's also the color that surrunds me, with the sky and the sea. This tone correspond with my style of pics, I think.

And B&W?
For a very long time, I only worked in B&W. I have always liked this type of images, especially for their timelessness. And then doing B&W forces me to concentrate on the essential : the subject, the light, the framing ... the eye is no longer distracted by the colors and only retains the important.

What camera do you use?
For a long time, I was equipped with a Nikon FM2 (analog). But for a few years, I have traded this one for hybrid cameras from Fujifilm (X-T20). I like light and small cameras which does not weigh me at the end of the day, and which are discrete.